Indian SME Knowledge Forum
Indian SME Knowledge Forum
Indian SME Knowledge Forum


  • The Advisory Board will meet quarterly or as required to understand the problems and issues of the SMEs
  • To set up Separate Committees and Study Groups to address the issues of SMEs related to Government Departments and suggest remedial measures.
  • To analyze the potentials of SMEs for the Nation's economic and industrial growth.
  • To interact with the senior executives of Banks & Financial Institutions and Government Authorities for enhancing timely lending to the SMEs at the prescribed percentage level.
  • To establish contacts with the similar Indian or overseas Forums for mutual interaction & co-ordination.
  • To organise meetings with the concerned Ministries to understand new schemes, incentives and other supports available or applicable to the MSMEs.
  • To Encourage formation of clusters in various parts of the country.
  • To arrange Seminars, Workshops, Training Programmes, Conferences and deliberations.
  • To provide information on new technology, new projects, financial assistance, joint ventures, technology transfers and contact manufacturing.
  • To create awareness about intellectual property rights of SME to protect their innovations and ideas.
  • To encourage SMEs to adopt good governance and business ethics to create confidence amongst the stake holders and also to enter into international cooperation.
  • To publish newsletters for disseminating useful information periodically.

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